A token to reward Fans for their time, Creator for their work, & community for their support.

$FanTV Token rewards fan engagement, exclusive feature access, & community owned content.

quotTransforming the creator economy through fan-driven communities, unlocking new opportunities for creators and fans alike quot


Our Vision


Our Mission

quotWe aspire to become the world's most loved social streaming platform where fans are rewarded for their time, fostering a vibrant community of values and supports the creator in an innovative wayquot



Message from
the CEO

Step into a world where entertainment meets technology. At FanTV, we're rewriting the rules of the creator economy. With us, creators will have greater control over their content, better relationships with their fans. Placing creators and users at the centre of the value chain. We want to revolutionise how long form content is consumed by building a discovery, distribution, and funding platform in order to better the lives of independent creators.

- Prashan Agarwal

Artist Testimonial

"I was amazed at how easy it was to create music NFTs with FanTv. Their team is full of experts and made the process so simple and accessible for me. My fans love the final product!"

- Karan Sehmbi

"Working with FanTv has been a game changer for me in the world of music NFTs. Their expertise and guidance helped me create a unique and valuable digital asset for my fans to collect, cherish, and earn royalties."

- Sunanda Sharma

"I've been a fan of FanTv for a while now, and I was thrilled when they approached me to create music NFTs. They helped me turn my songs into valuable digital assets that my fans can collect and enjoy."

- Khesari

Product Features

At FanTV, we are a passionate team of entertainment enthusiasts, technologists, and investment experts committed to revolutionising how content is consumed and appreciated. With the power of blockchain technology we have created a platform where you are rewarded for your time and be a part of your favourite creator’s success.



Video Streaming

Earn FanTV Tokens by watching videos you love, ranging from music to movies to comedy and many more.



Win awesome rewards ranging from cash prizes to goodies to brand deals all in one place




Become a part of your favourite creator’s success by investing in FanCards and earn royalties



What’s better than finding like minded people and sharing your love for art with them while winning exclusive offers and rewards


How it works?


Watch to earn

Our platform offers a unique feature where you can watch videos and earn tokens for every video you watch. You can also earn tokens by engaging with the content on our platform.


Creator economy

We have created a platform that harnesses the power of Creators and empowers them with tools to build an engaged community of Fans that can help them grow via discovery of their content, enabling viral distribution and funding


FanCard & royalties

Invest in FanCards and become a part of your favourite creator’s success while earning royalties. Our secure and transparent blockchain infrastructure ensures that investments and royalties are accurately tracked and distributed.


FanTV Token

For the first time creators & users can become a part of the platform by owning FanTV tokens, which will return the control back to the hands of the creators & users